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class registration for CTC - Rothschild





To enroll in training classes:

1. You must be a Journey-Level or Apprentice Carpenter, Millwright, Floor Coverer, Interior Systems or Pile Driver AND You must be a Member in good standing, with a current dues card from a UBC Local Union. OR…


2. You must be an Employer signatory to a North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters Labor Agreement. OR…


3. You must be a specifically identified, “pre-qualified” employee of a Signatory Employer. Before you enroll in any class, please make sure you can verify that you have fulfilled any prerequisites or prior training. Cross-training in a different craft is permitted.



With rare exception, courses are offered free of charge to UBC members in good standing and to Signatory Employers. (For some courses, members may have to pay a fee and for books.)



1. Personal Protection. All participants in shop activities are required to wear:

• Work shoes (Gym shoes, soft rubber-sole shoes, sandals, etc., are not allowed)

• Eye protection

• Other personal protective equipment as required

2. Use of tobacco of any kind is not permitted in the Training Center.

3. Alcohol and/or substance abuse will not be tolerated. Any person suspected of alcohol or substance use or abuse will be asked to leave the premises for safety reasons.

4. Attendance at the first class session is mandatory. Participants who do not attend the first class session will not be allowed to attend subsequent class sessions.

5. Be on time! Late arrivals disrupt both the class and the instructor. All members should be present and prepared at the start of each class. Classes pre-enrolled by a Local Union or Signatory Employer will have scheduling